Hearing Evaluations

The first step in moving forward to better hearing is to visit our office for a comprehensive hearing evaluation.

Your Hearing Evaluation

Only a qualified hearing care professional can tell you whether there is a hearing loss and recommend the best course of action. People experience relief when they learn the facts and gain a strong sense of control over their situation.

It's very easy to schedule a visit with Dr. Woods. During your visit, Dr. Woods will conduct a hearing examination and let you know your results. She will discuss your hearing history to understand what factors have influenced your hearing, and also to get more information on your personal hearing needs:

  • How you think you are doing in different situations
  • What you are doing to deal with hearing issues in your everyday life
  • Your hearing "wish list" — in what situations do you need improvement.

Next Steps

Dr. Woods can advise you about the nature of your heairng loss and recommend next steps. Fortunately, there are many ways to help people with hearing loss. Only about 5% hearing loss in adults can be improved by medication or surgery. Hearing instruments can help most poeple with hearing loss.